Our player from the Netherlands

  1. Nationality: Netherlands
  2. Place of Birth: Utrecht
  3. Date of Birth: May 27, 1990
  4. Hometown: Culemborg
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Dart Make: MasterDarts
  7. Weight of Dart: 23 grams
  8. Dominant Hand: Right-handed
  9. Year Started Playing Darts: 1999

    • Jeremy van der Winkel discovered his passion for darts at a very young age. Growing up in Culemborg, he was drawn to the precision and challenge of the game, quickly becoming a local prodigy.
  10. Rising Talent

    • Year Started Playing Darts Competitively: 1999.
    • Jeremy showed immense talent from his early teens, dominating local and regional competitions with his unique style and strategic play.

    Professional Career

    • PDC and WDF Involvement: Jeremy's exceptional skills soon led him to the more prestigious platforms of the PDC and WDF, where he faced and often triumphed over some of the world's top darts players.
    • His performances are characterized by a blend of precision, agility, and psychological acumen, making him a respected figure in the professional darts arena.

    Soft Tip Darts Specialization

    • Soft Tip Player in Germany: Jeremy is also renowned for his expertise in soft tip darts, a popular variant of the game, particularly in Germany. His proficiency in this form of darts has earned him a significant following and numerous accolades in German darts competitions.

    Style and Influence

    • Jeremy is known for his meticulous approach to the game, often outsmarting his opponents with his tactical plays.
    • His calm and focused demeanor during matches, combined with his extraordinary hand-eye coordination, makes him a formidable opponent.

    Legacy and Aspirations

    • Jeremy van der Winkel continues to strive for excellence in both steel and soft tip darts. He aims to win more titles and establish himself as one of the greats in the sport.
    • Off the oche, he is committed to promoting darts, particularly among the youth in his hometown of Culemborg and across Germany.

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