Our player from the Netherlands

  1. Nationality: Netherlands
  2. Place of Birth: Drachten
  3. Date of Birth: February 4, 1999
  4. Hometown: Metslawier
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Dart Make: MasterDarts
  7. Weight of Dart: 25 grams
  8. Dominant Hand: Right-handed
  9. Year Started Playing Darts: 2011
  10. Occupation: [Not specified]
  11. Walk-on Song/Music: Jellyfish Jam
  12. Nickname: Snorlax

  • Jitse van der Wal developed a love for darts in his childhood, showing a natural talent for the game in his hometown of Metslawier.

Development as a Player

  • Year Started Playing Darts Competitively: 2011.
  • He quickly gained recognition in local and regional tournaments for his precision and strategic play.

Professional Career

  • PDC and WDF Participation: Jitse's exceptional skills led him to participate in prestigious PDC and WDF events, where he competed against top international players.
  • He is known for his calm, focused approach during matches, earning him respect and admiration in the darts community.

Remarkable Achievement

  • 9-Dart Finish at the UK Open: One of Jitse's most notable achievements was executing a perfect 9-dart finish at the UK Open, a feat that highlights his skill and places him among the elite players in the sport.

Style and Recognition

  • Jitse, nicknamed "Snorlax" for his unflappable nature, is celebrated for his reliability in high-pressure situations.
  • Walk-on Song: Jellyfish Jam, a choice that reflects his unique personality and energizes both him and the audience.

Aspirations and Legacy

  • Jitse van der Wal continues to aim for higher achievements in professional darts, aspiring to win more titles and establish a lasting legacy.
  • His journey from a small Dutch town to international acclaim serves as an inspiration for young players around the world.

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