Pennant Flag

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Pennant flag is a type of flag that is mostly preferred especially outdoors. And since they are generally used outdoors, it is important that the fabrics of these flags are washable. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that it does not lose color or texture due to various factors such as rain, snow, sun. Another issue is that if you prefer a fully ironable pennant flag, it may be important to be able to iron these products after washing so that they look good and quality as on the first day. These flag types can have different features, sizes and types. It is possible to see that pennant flags are preferred in many areas such as schools, government institutions and private companies. It is important that these flag types, which are preferred in such official areas, are of high quality.

Pennant Flag Prices

The Turkish flag is important in every field, especially since it is the symbol of our independence. The fact that the quality is at the top during the production of these flags is an important detail due to respect for the flag. Since the fluctuation of the Turkish flag is one of the most important indicators of independence, it is important that the fabric to be preferred is a pleasant fabric that can fluctuate in the wind. It is important that customers who research about pennant flag prices have a demand for quality as well as a demand for reasonable prices. A poor quality flag should not be preferred due to its wear and failure to show the desired power. In fact, the flag should wave with enthusiasm and independence where it is hung.

Pennant Flag Dimensions

The size of the pennant flags may vary. Here, it is possible to see standard size pennant flags as well as production can be carried out in line with the demands of the customers. Among the pennant flag types, it is possible to see that many different types are used such as swallow pennants, school pennants, ornamental pennants, truncated pennants and many more. Determining their sizes according to these species is another important detail. 
Pennant flag sizes can be preferred as one and a half meters by 25 meters in school pennants, while the dimensions of pennant flags used outside of official ceremonies are designed to be 1.40 times 1 meter. It is possible to see the use of swallow flags in many areas such as dealer meetings, conferences, catering organizations. As there are different models of the swallow filament, the sizes may also differ. You have the freedom to choose any desired size. 

Pennant Flagpole

Flag usage can have different types such as table flag, pennant flag, send flag. It is possible to see the use of flagpoles in pennant flags and table flags. Pennant flagpole can be preferred as 2,3 pieces. In some products, it is possible to see the use of rollup products in order to ensure that various information can be found on the flagpole. These products may have mechanisms. In addition, thanks to the profiles under them, there is no such thing as falling.

Pennant Flag Manufacturing

The meticulous workmanship of the companies providing services in the production of pennant flags is important. While one of the important elements during the production of the pennant flag is the fabric, the other is the digital printing area. These flags contain different logos and signs in many areas such as schools and businesses. Another important issue is the processing of signs and texts on flags with high resolution quality. Otherwise, since the desired quality cannot be achieved in the flags, it is not possible to see the required quality in the advertisement of the company or companies. You should pay attention to the fact that the companies you will choose for flag manufacturing have machines and successful craftsmen that can produce quality products in these matters.

Pennant Flag Fabrics 

The most important of the products used in the pennant flag is that it has polyester fabric. This fabric is preferred for special and Turkish flag production. It is possible to see that this fabric is used in all products such as send flag, pennant flag. For some reasons, pennant flag fabrics can also be preferred over normal fabrics. It is important that the flags preferred from this type of fabric are produced using the etching technique and the use of disperse application. Otherwise, the fabric may be damaged. The edges of the flag types are arranged using the technique of curling and sewing the edges of the textile products. In addition, in order to prevent many problems such as sun rays, the preferred fabric should have higher properties.

Pennant Flag Making

It is possible to order online, as well as by meeting face-to-face with the companies you prefer for the services you want to receive about making a pennant flag. These companies can use the flags in two directions by choosing the fabrics as double layers in the products they produce. Desired prints can be made in the digital printing environment in both directions of the flag. The fact that these prints are not in high resolution may cause the flags to provide the desired quality. This is an important detail to pay attention to. Apart from this, you can also discuss the details of the flag sizes and types with the company that you will make a pennant flag with.

Other Types of Pennant Flags

Apart from the pennant flag, one of the most preferred flags is the table flag. Since these flags are symbolic elements of institutions, especially in the areas where they are used, importance is given to their production. These flags on the table have a mission in terms of advertising the institutions you have been to and showing the officiality. The sizes of these flags, which are generally on the table, are quite small compared to normal flags. Companies, businesses, institutions and organizations can make double, triple or multiple choices in table flag preferences. One of these choices is definitely  preferred as the Pennant Flag .