Fitness kleding

There is a connection between sportswear and self-affirmation, that exists because of the care for fashion. The action of buying sportswear is led to the feel of being part of a community, assessing its rules and culture. People get involved in a process in which the major aim is to appear. With regard to fitness fashion, the ritual is a ceremony which consists in the activities that take place in a fitness centre or in a gym and which are the acts of undressing, dressing, exercising, undressing, showering, grooming and dressing again.

The act of undressing, as much as that of dressing, places the individual in a delicate ceremonial position.

This ritual also implies a psychological dimension in which the individual is involved in a process of self-affirmation. What people want to wear is limited by a pre-existing, yet always evolving, ideal, which is the image of fashion itself.

Changing rooms, usually situated in the most internal part of the gym, represent the connection between the outside world and the world of fitness, because

In the changing room, individuals must negotiate, both symbolically and practically, their entrance into the world of fitness trainingand their return to the outside world.

While the exercise places are usually filled with information such as posters and images of fit bodies, changing rooms are always unadorned, since they represent

A moment of concentration before switching into the fitness mood.