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Welcome to WesleysWipes.nl, your go-to destination for high-quality skin cleansing wipes. Based in Rosmalen, we specialize in skin cleansing wipes produced in our factory in China.

At WesleysWipes.nl, we are committed to delivering top-notch skin cleansing products, not only under our own WesleysWipes brand but also by supplying containers of goods to various other brands and large retailers. Our products meet all the current standards and regulations, ensuring that you receive effective and safe skin cleansing solutions.

Whether you're looking for premium cleansing wipes for personal use or you're a retailer seeking high-quality products for your customers, WesleysWipes.nl is your trusted source. Explore our website to discover our range of skin cleansing wipes and learn more about our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

At WesleysWipes.nl, we prioritize offering the best products and service to meet your skin cleansing needs. Welcome to the world of clean and refreshed skin with WesleysWipes.nl!

Lemon Verbena +     Egyptian Mint

  Coconut Milk+           Coffee 

       Avacado +           Olive leaf

   Rose Granat  +       sandalwood

Mandarin + Basil







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