Since the English threw the first darts (around 1500), the sport gained its popularity abroad after WWII. Today the sport of darts is one of the fastest growing sports in more than 70 countries.

To connect millions of darters worldwide, MasterSportsGroup comes with the revolutionary and patented Master Darts Arcade Machines.


Master Darts Arcade Machines:

The darts machine automatically counts back the thrown scores and relieves the darter with calculating and writing of scores.

The software of this machine generates online video connections with one or more Master Darts machines at different locations worldwide. This innovation is the key to good organized global online darts leagues. Of course darters also can play alone on the machines, without opponent.

On a 23-inch (58cm.) integrated digital screen the countdowns of the scores, but also the dart opponents and his/her throws are being displayed. 

In contrast to the current darts machines it is possible to throw with original steel darts, instead of soft tip darts … and on official (sisal fibre) dart boards.

Multiple integrated cameras exactly define where the point of the arrow enters the board.

With its partners MasterSportsGroup is able to maintain full control of the production and distribution of the Master Darts Arcade Machines. This includes the development and updates of the software on the machines and the accompanying website and App.


Master Darts App:

By downloading the Master Darts App, you simply get access to register online and create a personal or group account, where standings and statistics are shown. In addition the app offers many more facilities. Through this app also the locations of the Master Darts Arcade Machines are visible.

Master Darts Events & Prize Money:

Many dart amateurs join dart competitions from darts cafes. Therefore, these form the basis where to play.

Trough the Master Darts ladder competition, the 128 best players get invited for national and international darts events. Prize money on these dart events can rise substantially.

In partnership with various national -and international dart federations Master Darts offers the opportunity to everyone, from 16 years, to participate at these Master Darts events.


The locations for playing the dart machines vary from dart pubs, hotel bars, darts events and many other hospitality establishments like holiday resorts or sports canteens. The machines are being placed on a lease basis and remain fully owned by Master Darts Arcade Machines BV. The service contracts will be taken over by reputable operators in the various markets.


The revenue model is generated by the darts earnings on the machines. A part of the revenues flows back into the prize pool of the Master Darts events and be used for sponsoring activities. Also on the display screens, there are great possibilities for advertising by third parties.