Welcome to MasterFishing.nl, your dedicated source for a wide range of fishing rods, floats, bait boats, and accessories. Located in Rosmalen, the Netherlands, we offer high-quality fishing gear, all meticulously crafted in collaboration with our trusted business partners in China.

At MasterFishing.nl, we go beyond our own MasterFishing brand. We also supply containers filled with quality fishing equipment to various other brands and major retailers. Our commitment to quality and excellence forms the cornerstone of our operations.

On our website, www.MasterFishing.nl, you can explore our extensive selection of fishing gear and accessories while learning about our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you're an angler in search of the latest fishing rods, floats, or bait boats, we are here to support you.

At MasterFishing.nl, our focus is on providing the best possible products and service. Whether you're an independent angler, a retailer, or a fishing equipment brand, we're fully equipped to meet your needs. Welcome to our world of fishing, where quality and expertise come together for an exceptional fishing experience. Welcome to MasterFishing.nl!

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We supply directely from our factory in China, more then 4000 fishing items for the big retailers.