Lets Train MasterDarts App

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With our App, you can train your skills for steel tip as well as soft tip darts.

Let’s TRAIN MasterDarts

The most complete Darts training and scoreboard App around, in which you can level up your skills as you play around.

All experiences from the last 15 years concerning the MasterDarts players are combined in this App. Making it an award winning combination of years of experience.

What’s inside : 01 Game121170Basic Skill TrainerCountupCricketLevel CheckerTactics, Checkout Table

€ 1,99

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Windows Store

Windows Phone

Available for : Phone
OS : Windows Phone 7 / 8 / 8.1

Languages : Dutch, English

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Available for : Phone / Tablets
OS : Android 4.0 or higher

Languages : Dutch, English

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Available for : iPhone / iPad / iPod
OS : iOS 6.0 or later

Languages : Dutch, English


Windows Store

Available for : Windows
OS : Windows 8.1 / Windows PRO 2 Tablets / Windows Surface 2 Tablets

Languages : Dutch, English


We are constantly optimizing and adding features to the App, for making it the best App around.


– Tournament;
– Global Statistics;
– Full undo and redo history;
– Share scores on Facebook or Twitter.

Feature Games

– Around the Clock;
– Tic-Tac-Toe;
– Round of;

All games

– Playing demo computer against computer;
– Playing against computer player;
– Playing against online player;
– Sound effects;
– Select player to start with.

01 Game / 170 / Level Checker

– Checkout % [statistics];
– Number of Darts per current leg [statistics];
– 60+ [statistics];
– 1 dart average [statistics];
– Tie Break Final set – win by 2 legs [statistics];
– Play with handicap per player;
– Open checkout; open, double, masters;
– Double to start.





Basic Skills Trainer

– Windows Phone 7 support;